Pay-To-Use Automated Waste Soultion.

Leaders in the Pay To Use (PTU) Waste Disposal Industry

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Earn Extra Revenue

Maximise the space on your site

Drive Increased Footfall

More regular, returning customers for you.

Operational 24/7

Our bins can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fully Self Contained

No odours, no spillages, no pests.

Fully Automated

One press of a button and the drum opens and closes.

We Manage Everything

We supply units, planning applications, permits, servicing, emptying & cleaning.

No Commitment

Service not generating expected returns? no contracts, no commitment..

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About Bigbin

A BIGbin uses the equivalent of a car park space and is fully self contained, with no leaks or odours, with access only possible when the drum opens. We can control the BIGbin remotely, meaning we can reset and operate it if any issues arise. We have a dedicated phone line which is open 7 days a week, early to late, for customer enquiries. We receive instant diagnostics if any mechanical issues arise, which we then allocate to one of our locally based engineers to fix immediately. As we track usage and efficiency remotely, we are kept up to date as to when the bin is getting full. Once close to capacity, our truck will remove the BIGbin and bring it to a registered facility. We do not send any of our waste to landfill. The BIGbin is then returned to operate as normal. Typically, a BIGbin will store 350 tickets worth of waste before needing to be emptied.

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Earn Commision

Generate a return on every ticket sold

We invoice you weekly based on your sales from the previous week, minus the commission that you keep. We supply you with the tickets and you have a constant stock of them. You also get commission if anyone uses their online account. Projected sales are shown on the table below. The vast majority of customers who use the service are repeat customers as they rely on the service for their regular waste disposal instead of household collection. We have found that customers travel from near and far to use the BIGbin, bringing extra footfall to your site. 98% of customers buy their tickets in-store, and in our experience buy other products such as coffees, deli items and fuel, when using the BIGbin.

BIGbin who are we?

For an effective waste management solution, bring your extra rubbish bags to BIGbin.

We have sites in operation across Ireland. Over the last ten years BIGbin has continued to secure new sites and locations by expanding its network into commercial and private sectors. BIGbin not only serves the public with 24/7 sustainable waste solutions, it supports and advances local business, helping to generate considerable revenue at minimal cost.
BIGbin are one of the founders of the PTU (Pay-to-use) sector and are now the leading operator across the country.
— Just like services such as a car wash, parcel collection, laundry and household fuel, BIGbin adds another service to your offering bringing extra, repeat footfall to your site, with risk free revenue from day one.