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Just follow these three simple steps for hassle free waste disposal


Step 1

  • Purchase a bin ticket from the forecourt shop or nearest vendor.

Read the six digit code on the ticket

Step 2

  • Enter the code on your ticket into the keypad at the front of the BIGbin.

The keypad is located at the front of the BIGbin

Step 3

  • Place your waste (Two 80 litre bags) into the BIGbin drum and you’re done.

Its that simple

Still not sure?

Here is a short instructional video

Not only are the BIGbin waste compactor units easy to use but they are also environmentally sound. Although we encourage our customers to recycle as much of their domestic waste as possible we also recover and recycle up to 100% of the rubbish collected by our waste compactor units. Our BIGbin sites are kept clean and are monitored remotely so that when the unit is full they are collected immediately.

For effective Waste management solutions use our locator map to find your nearest BIGbin unit